How to install

The electric heater of the engine is installed in a small coolant circuit between the engine block and the indoor heater.

(The hose leading the heated coolant from the engine to the heating radiator is cut and the engine heating is applied to this place, it is important that the control of cold and warm air is set to the warm air level when the heating is switched on, so that the heating valve remains open and the cooling fluid could circulate – see figure.)


For heaters with a capacity of more than 2000W, it is recommended that the heater be installed by T-pieces in parallel between the hose leading from the engine to the radiator of the heating and the hose, which goes from the radiator to the engine back. The use of T-pieces is as well necessary even in the case when the valve of the heating it is not possible to leave it in the open position.

When installing the engine heater, it is very important the coolant flow direction, it is the inlet and outlet of the cooling liquid and also the heater position, which must be:

  • Horizontal  for heaters type: 1100K, 1100S,
  • Vertical  for heaters type: 1500K, 1500S, 1800K, 1800S, 2000P, 2000LS, 3000P, 3000L